Solucent is a privately owned Canadian company positioned to evolve as an industry leading provider of indoor and outdoor lighting and décor solutions. Our assortment includes solar and battery powered, lawn and garden and seasonal lighting and décor products.  We strive to serve our customers through innovation, quality, and responsive service.  Our seasonal products are highly innovative and are carefully designed to enhance indoor and outdoor entertainment areas and gardens.  Each and every one of our products is backed by a hassle free one year warranty.


Our team is made up of industry professionals with over a decade of experience in the home, garden and lighting sector. A strong sales and marketing team to choose the best designs, optimize costs and maximize supplier relationships and a Intellectual Property and Corporate lawyer who helps ensure each of our products is properly licensed and respects international patents and trademarks. These individuals have come together under one roof with the simple goal of providing leading products at very competitive prices.


Sales of Individually selected products which utilize the latest solar or/and battery powered technology. We offer a wide variety of high lumen output products to provide our customers with great warm light to beautify their entertaining areas. We carefully select each product we offer to you. Each product is sourced to ensure the highest social responsibility standards. We employ extensive Quality Assurance procedures to ensure the highest standards of excellence.

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The Solucent Team